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Swir, Anna


Her Belly

1. The subject of this poem is a woman with a fat belly. What is the attitude of most people in our society to women who are fat? Are they considered beautiful? Do most women want to have a fat belly? If you think the answer is no, why do you think this is so?

2. Two other words in English have the same meaning as ‘belly’. Use your dictionary to find these. Why do you think the poet uses the word ‘belly’ in this poem?

3. Replace these words from the poem fat, warmed, beautiful with words which mean the opposite. How does this change the meaning of the poem?

4. Read the poem out loud. Pay special attention to the last lines of the poem: ‘This belly is beautiful’. Repeat this sentence out loud to yourself several times. Listen to the way the sounds of the ‘b’ and the ’l’ mix together. Think of other words with the same meaning as ‘beautiful’. Do you think any of these would sound better in the poem? Compare your ideas with your partner.

poema Her Belly, Swir, Anna

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