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Hoffmann, Roald


The difference between art and science / La diferència entre art i ciència, 1988

                          For Jorge Calado


From this Munch painting

of someone pained on a bridge,


hands held to ears, the observer

could scrape on orange


micron speck. He could

mount it on a slide, fine-tune


the fast beams that circle

under parking lots and football


fields, prodded on by-magnets’

handless shove, focus, for that


is his craft, the probe particles

(fancy calibrated stones)


to jarring graphed impact

in the paint. The search


is for the force of the scream.

But the particles’ pry is


too strong – they shock loose

the paint molecules, in sound


demonstration of the Uncertainty

Principle. The painting hangs;


Norwegian sky and harbor

pick up the scream, beam


it into the observer’s skull.

There, echoing, effect change.


imatge ciencia
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