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Ivey, Gaven


Doll shop / La botiga de nines

Black and white faces of porcelain

Staring out at the passer by

Creamy, pure complexions complimented

By sophisticated expressions and worldly postures

Surveying their environment

With redneck contempt beyond their infant years

Smooth caramel complexions

Dotted with freckles

To facilitate knowledge of place

Faces grotesquely sculptured

To allow sympathy via comedy

Rendering the craftsman kindness to blindness

Forever relegating the token children

To the stuffed toy department

Alongside Daffy and Pooh

A fate not worthy but nevertheless intended

Reality projects from their faces

Reminding the passer by of a time just past

Of mothers wailing as their little ones

Are hoarded off like cattle to the slaughter

Destined to dwell alongside

Their brothers and sisters of no colour

As objects of curiosity and functuality

Just verging on the possibility of being subjects

With feelings and history

Staring out at the passer by

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