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Boland, Eavan



Class 1

1. In groups of 3 or 4 students have a short conversation about the ideas that come to your mind when thinking in the following concepts: heroic, hero history, street of statues, war wound, ilness wound, unhealed, and knowing your country. Jot down some of your ideas.


2. Listen to you teacher read the poem. In your group and with the help of a dictionary, review the vocabulary you don’t know. Then, chose someone to read the poem aloud again. Lastly, read it on your own, in silence.


3. Discuss with your group what do you think the poem is talking about and answer the following questions:

·       Are there any places? Describe them.

·       Is there any time? Is it chronological? Does it say something about seasons?

·       Are there any characters? Describe them. Do they think, feel, do, wish?

·       Are there any contradictions? Difficulties?

·       Is there any mystery?

·       Does the poem have a rhythm?

Class 2

1. Regroup with the same calssmates. Construct/find the narrative/story of the poem. 

2. Identify images that may appeal to your senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste). 

3. Identify metaphors.


4. Try to explain the feeling on the speakers’ voice.


5. Share your conclusions with the whole class. 

6. With your group, find another mean (besides just words) to narrate the poem. Tell its story using and audio visual, visual, or audio language. Try to capture the poetic meaning of the words. You can act, take pictures, put together someone else’s images, etc.

Class 3

1. With your group start working on your audio visual, visual or audio project. While working, make sure that you take some notes or make recordings that will help you remember what difficult, easy, funny, etc was. All of this in order to be able to also show the makeover of the project! 

2. Record your narrative audio visual, visual or audio version of the poem. 

3. Prepare a presentation of your project, and its makeover for next class.

Class 4

1. Present your project. 

2. After all students present their projects, in a round table, comment on each work. Consider: what you liked and what could be improved for each case. Please, support your ideas and don’t give negative unconstructive feedback. 

3. If possible find a way to make these projects available to the larger community of your school. If you want, send the project to

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