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Patten, Brain


The Minister for Exams

1. Imagine if a Minister for Exams really existed. Discuss with your partner what you think his job would be. Then, think of 2 things about the exams you have to do in your school that you would ask the Minister to change.

2. In the poem, the child has to answer several questions. Look at the answers he/she gives. What do they tell us about the child’s imagination? Think of some different answers to those the child gives.

3. Why do you think there are references to Creation, God, Adam, Eden in the child’s answers? How do these answers contrast with the description of his job as an adult?

4. Look at the way the poem is written and the way the poet uses initials in: Q1, Q2, Q3 Why do you think he does this?  What is the effect of organising the sentences in this way?

5. Think of 2 more questions you could include in the child’s exam and 2 questions you would ask the Minister for Exams to test whether he has an imagination?

poema The Minister for Exams, Patten, Brain

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