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Someck, Ronny


Piece of Glass

1.  Check the meaning of these words: sharp, layer, lipstick, scarf, dye.

2.  Look at the first three lines of the poem. What is the difference between 'glass' and 'a glass'? What are some of the different ways that glass could be compared to love?

3.  Why do you think the poet says that 'poets write their poems on the sharpest piece of glass'? Why is the word 'sharp' used here?

4.  The poem compares a poet with a geologist and suggests that they have something in common. Discuss with your partner what this similarity might be. Do you think this is a good comparison?

5.  The bull traditionally represents an image of strength and power. Is this image relevant in the poem? What other connotations might the bull represent here?

6.  Compare this poem with others which include references to bulls. How are they similar or different from Someck's poem?

poema Piece of Glass, Someck, Ronny

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