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Brownjohn, Alan


In This City...

1.  What is the effect of the first three lines of the poem? Why does the poet say 'perhaps'? Can you think of another word which has the same meaning as 'perhaps'?

2.  Which words are repeated in this poem? Why do you think they are repeated?

3.  Who do you think is the 'someone' who has just 'gone through the door'?

4.  What kind of relationship do you think the woman had with the person mentioned in the poem?

5.  What do you think this poem may be saying about the position of women in society? 

6.  Read the poem out loud and notice how the first three lines have a rhythm which is different from the last 5 lines of the poem. What effect does this change of rhythm have on the mood of the poem?

poema In This City..., Brownjohn, Alan

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