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Swir, Anna


He Treats Them to Ice-cream

1.  In this poem, the poet raises the question of why some women choose to stay in a relationship in which they are treated violently by their partner. Before you read the poem, discuss some possible reasons why women do not necessarily leave violent situations like these.

2.  Check the meaning of these words from the poem: treats, tried (past of 'try'), flick knife, mattress.

3.  Why do you think the following phrases are repeated in the poem: 'every Sunday'; 'he treats them to ice-cream'; 'go/went for a walk together'; 'he, she and the three children'?

4.  Why is the word 'still' important in the last stanza?

5.  The word 'she' in the last line of the poem could refer to two women. Who are they? How does the conclusion of the poem differ depending on which woman 'she' may be referring to?

poema He Treats Them to Ice-cream, Swir, Anna

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